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"The kindness, respect and love that this house is made up of will remain in my heart and in my memory forever."
~ Former Resident
Friendship House Success


Measurable Results.

Real success is not measured by the volume of clients served, but by each family who remains sober and economically self-sufficient.

Friendship House / Catherine's Place's personalized comprehensive approach to alcohol and drug abuse community reintegration recovery has proven highly successful in helping women and their children acquire the skills they need to remain sober and regain control of their lives.

With the recent interest in programs geared to reduce welfare dependency through job training and re-entry into the work force, Friendship House / Catherine's Place stands as a model. Upon admission, ninety percent of Friendship House / Catherine's Place's clients are unemployed. Upon completion of the program, ninety percent are employed, and eighty percent of the women served remain economically self-sufficient after leaving the program.

On average, women who come to Friendship House / Catherine's Place have made up to three unsuccessful attempts at recovery. Nationally, the rate of sustained sobriety after treatment for chemical dependency ranges "from 10 to 30%". After completing the Friendship House / Catherine's Place program, OVER 50% of women report sustained recovery! These women also reported an increased ability to cope with familial relations and establish more satisfactory relationships without using chemicals. Additionally, many have reunited with children who had previously been in the custody of others.


Program outcomes are measured by Tom Gregoiré, Ph.D. and Teresa Early, Ph.D., Associate Professors of Social Work at Ohio State University. Friendship House currently has an evaluation mechanism in place which was designed and is being conducted by Dr. Gregoiré. Dr. Early has designed preliminary outcomes measures and evaluation program design for the women and children's recovery program. They work in tandem with Friendship House / Catherine's Place's staff to gauge the reduction of risk factors for children initiating substance use/abuse and violence as well as the sustainability of recovery for families.

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